In late 2018 Task Force Resolute was contacted regarding assistance to support the 51st reunion of the 173rd, 2-503rd Bravo Company "Bravo Bulls" Vietnam veterans.  It is always an honor to do what we can to support our combat veterans of all ages and from all wars.

We provided support for their dinner and punch bowl memorial ceremony.  The punch bowl ceremony is held following the dinner.  Each veteran who was killed in action and those who have passed since serving has a cup with their name on it.  As each name is read one of the surviving Bravo Bulls turns the cup over with that man's name on it.  It is an incredibly moving ceremony.

Everyone in attendance commented about what a great dinner venue and meal they shared.  We cherish these men and their wives and family members.

Below are some photos from their hospitality suite, the dinner and the punch bowl ceremony.