Task Force Resolute received the following request for support or assistance in January 2019:


SFC Cave's widow, Barbara, reached out to us for assistance after his passing in January 2019.  SFC Cave served 8 years in the Navy then joined the Army.  He retired from the Army/Army Reserves after over 30 years of service.  SFC Cave deployed to combat zones and served on Rear Detachment during deployments.

Barbara reached out to us to assist with getting a Class A jacket with all military awards, patches and insignia on it as SFC Cave has requested to be interred wearing his military uniform.  Barbara supplied photos of SFC Cave in uniform.  Our Executive Director contacted a veteran at Fort Campbell to assist.  He agreed and she drove to Fort Campbell and spent a day working with the veteran volunteer and seamstresses to make sure the jacket was prepared properly.  It was then dropped off at the Cave's residence.

SFC Cave was interred at the Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery at Parkers Crossroads in Wildersville, TN with full military honors.  At the request of his widow, our Executive Director also worked with the honor guard to provide flags to both of SFC Cave's daughters.


In January 2019 Task Force Resolute was contacted by 2 veterans and the family/battle buddies of another veteran for assistance with treatment for post traumatic stress situations.  All three veterans were struggling with their day to day lives due to the affects of post traumatic stress.

Task Force Resolute was able to get each veteran in touch with someone local to them to assist.

If you find yourself struggling with the affects of post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury or any emotional affect of war please reach out to a battle buddy, family member or friend.  Or call the Veteran Crisis Hotline at 800-273-8255.  Each one of you matters to so many people.