About Task Force Resolute

Veterans of any generation will likely tell you that being together with battle buddies is a very positive, powerful and often healing experience. The primary goal of Task Force Resolute is to provide assistance, when possible, to allow veterans to come together in social settings, primarily outdoors, in order to promote healthy outlooks on life.

Task Force Resolute isn’t about building data bases or creating new types of events for veterans to participate in. We want to be able to provide resources for peer to peer bonding and reconnecting opportunities. If a group of veterans wants to go camping for a weekend and needs financial assistance to pay to rent camping equipment we want to help make that happen. Or, if a group of veterans wants to participate as a team in an endurance obstacle course but needs funds for registration fees we want to help make that happen. If you have an idea, we’re open to considering it.

Our organization does not provide or hold itself up to representing or providing any sort of professional counseling or treatment. Our goal is merely to facilitate small groups of veterans coming together who understand how combat and war can emotionally and physically affect so many of them – to give them the chance to support each other.

We are building a network of local and regional volunteers to assist us in identifying both veterans and events that can be helpful to veterans who need to connect or reconnect with other veterans. If you are interested in being one of those volunteers please email LCarruth@taskforceresolute.com

In the next few months this website will have a link to a form “Request for Assistance” . Please keep checking back.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of our combat veterans by providing recreational outings for combat veterans, gold star spouses, care givers and their families. We also provide financial assistance for Combat unit reunions and special military functions and events.


Board of Directors

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